With the onset of winter we welcome the start of a new season, including Halloween frights and delights and festive fun. While most of us love the holidays, the colder months can, however, wreak havoc with our skin. As temperatures plummet and we turn up the heating, some of the most common skin issues quickly re-appear. These include the annoying sensation of tightness thanks to dry skin in winter. And, with dry skin we are more likely to see the emergence of fine lines, wrinkles, and even skin cracking.

Keeping extreme weather changes in mind, let’s delve into how best to avoid the traps of dry skin and look at some simple skincare switches that are proven to work.


The Cure for Dry Skin

These days there are numerous options for instantly plumping skin. Unlike in years gone by, today’s skin solutions are available as more than just creams. In fact, sprays and serums are fast becoming the most innovative solutions for slowing down moisture loss.

Most advice for the relief of dry skin still focuses on using a cream moisturiser, however. This means that it is common for people suffering with dry skin to become reliant on temporary measures to relieve tightness, such as the use of emollients. Emollients slow down the loss of water from the skin and are a key ingredient in almost every moisturiser sold in the mass market. But, emollients are only half of the solution for resolving dry skin.

Many CosMedix formulas feature Heavy Water D20, a supersonic molecule that has been shown to take ten times longer to evaporate from the skin than regular H20. It certainly goes against convention to treat water loss with the application of Heavy Water D20, but by examining the basics of skin physiology we can easily understand what causes dry skin and how this molecule can help.

What Causes Dry Skin?

Accelerated water loss is the key cause of dry skin and is known as transepidermal water loss, or TEWL for short. This loss of water is at the core of why skin feels annoyingly tight after cleansing.

The Facts About Accelerated TEWL

The skin’s barrier function is vital for ensuring proper water retention and guarding against damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Disrupted barrier function leads to accelerated TEWL. Detergents in skincare products are a main cause of compromised barrier function. As such, it should come as no surprise that skin becomes dry and irritated after using cleansers containing detergents.

How to Prevent TEWL and Stop Dry Skin

Experts within the scientific and medical community have long known that the long-term solution for damaged and dry skin is to guard against TEWL. To relieve and prevent persistently dry skin, therefore, it is vital to address the root of the problem, i.e. unhealthy skin barrier function.

How to Stop Damaging the Skin’s Barrier Function

  1. Read the ingredients on the label of skincare products and avoid using SLS cleansers.
  2. Cleansers with an alkaline pH of more than 3.5 will also cause dryness, which is one of the main reasons you should never cleanse your skin using soap.

This is essential advice worth repeating, which is why we talk about this in more depth in a recent blog post. This post will also help you understand the key differences between dry and dehydrated skin.

An effective dry skin solution begins with a closer examination of the first step in a skincare regimen. Cleansing is often the most neglected part of a regular skincare routine. This is despite clinical studies showing that the use of purified, active ingredients easily rectifies serious damage in less than 48 days.

CosMedix is extremely careful when formulating skincare solutions. CosMedix ensure, for example, that every cleanser is free from foaming detergents and that the pH is appropriate for sensitive skin. This helps to avoid the dryness that results from conventional cleansers that strip the skin of its natural lipids. In fact, the three different types of oils used in Purity Solution actually mirror the natural lipids in skin.

The Cleansing Swap

Including a new oil cleanser as part of your skincare routine provides much-needed hydration, especially in winter. This helps sooth skin and can restore your healthy glow. Purity Solution from CosMedix is a cleansing oil that works at a deep level, unclogging pores without leaving an oily residue. The key ingredients in this cleanser offer exceptional benefits for dry skin, especially around the eyes. And, thanks to the wonderfully rich Olive, Argan, and Moringa seed oil, Purity Solution has a luxurious fee that makes it perfect for mature skin.

Application of a Cleansing Oil

To use Purity Solution, massage the oil into the face and delicate skin for a few minutes before removing with water. Purity Solution is also a great option if you’re looking for a gentle eye makeup remover. Try Purity Solution today and see how it can help give your complexion the all clear for immediate transformation!

The Toner Swap

Benefit Balance is ideal for mature skin as well as skin that is dry and sensitive. This antioxidant-packed formula features exceptionally high concentrations of free radical scavengers and hydrators. Benefit Balance is the ideal toner if you’re looking to protect your skin from environmental damage, such as from pollution. Benefit Balance contains a sophisticated blend of natural anti-inflammatory ingredients, including Aloe Vera, to help calm redness and sooth rashes. This toner is also a great solution for instantly plumping skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Introducing a Balm

Everybody’s skin, regardless of type, needs a gentle pick me up that also kick starts the recovery of hydrated skin. Rescue+ balm gives instant relief from skin irritation and tightness and gets to work fast to sooth dry skin. This balm was originally formulated for use after chemical peel treatment, when the skin goes through a period of very severe dryness. As you might expect, Rescue+ offers many healing properties to enhance results and decrease downtime after treatment. On cold winter days, this intense hydrating balm helps prevent dry skin and protects against environmental exposure. Rescue+ is a skincare staple – don’t leave home without it!

CosMedix Rescue+ Intense Hydrating Balm


Customer Review for Rescue+


Advanced skincare formulations allow you to tackle rough, dull skin, and dryness simultaneously. The secret is to include a gentle exfoliant in your daily routine. CosMedix purified ingredients are gentle and suitable for every skin type, including mature skin.

Correct Exfoliation for Dry Skin

The key to long-term skin health and relief from dry skin is to protect skin barrier function. The skin’s barrier relies on a mixture of lipids to maintain hydration. Many conventional exfoliating products ignore the science behind healthy skin and strip away these essential lipids. Thankfully, CosMedix offer excellent alternatives to harsh exfoliants and scrubs made with beads and sonic brushes.

Skin experts now prefer to use microsized actives that work between skin cells to smooth the skin’s outer layer. Rather than scrubbing away endlessly, these products feature active ingredients that do the work for you. To enjoy the full benefits of deeper exfoliation, simply let these solutions dry on the skin. This gives the active ingredients enough time to get to work without causing irritation.

Hidden Benefits of Exfoliation

Research also shows that using a combination of natural acids in skincare helps to activate the skin’s production of Natural Moisture Factors (NMFs). NMFs are responsible for keeping the skin’s outer layer hydrated, which prevents short-term skin dryness. NMFs are also key to maintaining youthful and supple skin long-term. The smart choice for dry skin is to exfoliate using a group of active ingredients called Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) as these also increase NMFs.

The Scrub Swap

Pure Enzymes is a gel mask made with L-lactic Acid and cranberries. L-lactic is a natural component of NMFs, accounting for around 12% of NMFs. This at-home treatment enhances skin hydration and can be left to dry on the skin. It is also ideal for use between professional peel treatments to maintain results.

UV Radiation

Skin Experts favour a long-term approach to helping maintain healthy skin. Part of this approach is protecting the skin’s barrier against UV radiation, because UV exposure increases TEWL, drying out the skin. During the winter months our exposure to direct sunlight and UV radiation decreases, but there are still benefits to using sunscreen. An effective sunscreen helps protect skin against free radicals and environmental pollution, as well as helping to maintain skin hydration.

Swap a Moisturiser for SPF

Hydrate+ SPF 17 is a lightweight and non-greasy, daily moisturiser made with Jojoba, that instantly hydrates the skin while guarding against sun exposure. This innovative formula features advanced ZinClear technology to protect without leaving a white residue. It also features secondary support against free radicals thanks to the potent antioxidants Astaxanthin and Tetrahydrocurcumoids. Hydrate+ SPF 17 offers broad spectrum UV mineral protection to filter UVA and UVB, helping to prevent premature skin ageing and sunburn.

An SPF of 17 will give approximately 170 minutes of protection in direct sunlight. If you have fair skin, however, be sure to reapply accordingly to extend sun protection. And, as always, if you’re out in the sun, wear a wide-brimmed hat for the best protection.


Advanced Repair

Reoccurring dry skin is tricky to resolve with creams like moisturisers. Despite every promise being made by skincare companies, even very heavy, emollient rich creams, offer temporary relief from the feeling of tightness. The absolute best solution for preventing dry skin in Winter is correction of skin damage and restoration of a healthy barrier function.

Next Generation Skincare

The launch of CosMedix Serum 16, made with an exclusive vitamin A derivative called LG-Retinex, is truly revolutionary for both sensitive and dry skin. Because it’s clinically proven to get unhealthy skin back on track and make visible changes that get noticed. When used consistently, in concentrations greater than 1%, Retinol it is clinical proven to increase skin density and restore levels of Natural Moisture Factors (NMF). These skin characteristics control how supple, flexible and well hydrated the skin remains in different climates, throughout your lifetime time.

Rethinking Anti-Ageing Serums

What could be more exciting than a cream moisturiser made with liquid crystals? This active ingredient – often described as “unicorn” in colour! – is one of the many hydrating ingredients included in Emulsion. This cream delivers results in all climates, even in winter! It is perfect for mature skin because it includes rich shea butter and jojoba oil, and a range of amino acids that boost skin density and firmness by promoting collagen levels. Together, these benefits help prevent the premature appearance of lines and help restore a clear, youthful complexion.

Of course, the real test is how Emulsion feels on the skin. All reports indicate that despite being an intensely rich moisturising cream, Emulsion doesn’t leave a sticky residue and is safe to use close to the eyes.

Customer Reviews of Emulsion

Cold winter weather is especially hard on delicate skin. Accordingly, such areas warrant special attention and care. The skin around the eyes is one area where skin dries out easily. This is because the skin in this area is thin and produces little sebum to preserve skin moisture. The result is rapid TEWL and dehydration.

Eye Genius delivers rapid, effective hydration to sooth the delicate skin around the eyes. This cream is blended with light-reflective mica to instantly brighten tired eyes and visibly correct crow’s feet, puffiness, and dark circles. Use Eye Genius daily to nourish and calm delicate skin and reveal vibrant, younger looking eyes.

Restore moisture-rich mask offers professional-level results at home. Use Restore as a weekly treatment at home or to help maintain results between skin treatments. This ultra-moisturizing mask works overnight to restore proper hydration and lipid balance and to smooth wrinkles. The result is visibly plumper, firmer skin, with improved skin texture, a healthier complexion, and skin that feels softer and revitalized.

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