Two decades ago, consumers had little choice when it came to professional skincare. At that time, the industry offered two very different types of products: early “cosmeceuticals”, which resurfaced the skin with harsh, irritating ingredients, and “natural skincare”, which was far gentler but failed to produce noticeable results. When asked to choose, many consumers and professionals chose results and endured the irritating, sometimes painful professional treatments for short-term benefits. However, by forcing the skin to regenerate itself with wounding ingredients, these products created inflammatory side effects with potentially long-term consequences. There had to be a better way.

Unsatisfied with compromising skin comfort and health for short-term results, a group of forward-thinking experts, including estheticians, physicians and chemists, came together with one goal in mind: to create a skincare line capable of delivering visible results without excessive irritation. The solution sounded simple, but they soon discovered why no such formulas existed: the chemistry needed was far more complex than most formulators could handle. Highly purified, plant-based ingredients were expensive, hard to come by and even harder to stabilize.

Unwilling to give up, this group continued to invest into what would become one of the industry’s most complex and effective professional skincare lines: CosMedix. One of the most natural professional skincare brands in the world, CosMedix combines the very best of science and nature–including plant-based actives, all-natural colors and pure essential oils–to deliver powerful results without irritation.

However, what stays out of CosMedix formulas is just as important as what goes in. In addition to being the industry’s foremost nature-based brand, the botanical-based pioneer stands apart by using no parabens, PEGs, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, chemical fragrances or artificial dyes. Additionally, CosMedix ingredients and formulas are manufactured cruelty free from laboratories free of animal testing.

In a 2012 market analysis of over 50 popular skincare brands, CosMedix consistently proved itself ahead of the curve in terms of providing safe, effective, natural skincare.


Of the companies analyzed:

     1.  62% continued to use parabens, despite potential health concern

     2.  79% used polyethylene glycol, a common ingredient in antifreeze, to help stabilize their formula

     3.  40% included irritating Sodium Lauryl Sulfat

     4.  Another 40% relied on artificial dyes to make their products look more appealing

     5.  And more than 70% listed fragrance among their ingredients

While going green may be more costly, difficult to source and challenging to formulate, CosMedix remains committed to providing healthy, plant-based solutions for all skin types. The science may be complex, but the message is the same: better results come from better ingredients; and the best ingredients come from Mother Nature. Together with cutting-edge technology and a holistic approach to skin health, botanical ingredients help deliver on CosMedix’s promise of rapid results with reduced irritation.



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