If you want glowing, radiant skin all winter long, it’s important to do one thing: Exfoliate. Exfoliation removes the dulling top layer of skin to reveal the fresh, new skin beneath. 

Although exfoliating too much or using the wrong product may irritate the skin, the right product can make skin feel smoother and refreshed. Exfoliate with care using these gentle products.

Exfoliate all skin types

Purity Detox Scrub Multi-Layer Detoxification System is a blend of physical and chemical exfoliators that work together to remove impurities and cellular debris to reveal brighter-looking skin. It gently removes epidermal cells and encourages the elimination of cellular waste. Spherical jojoba and poppy seeds physically remove dulling skin cells. Simply mix ½ teaspoon of the product with water or your favourite cleanser and apply it to the face. Use it every third day until your skin can tolerate more frequent use. 

For oily or acne-prone skin

Clear Clarifying Mask is a powerful detoxifying exfoliating mask that cleanses skin deep down. It contains a blend of clay and sulfur to remove excess sebum and prevent new spots. Additionally, it contains salicylic acid to gently remove dulling skin cells while minimising pore size. Use it after cleansing as an all over facial mask up to three times a week. You can also apply it as a spot treatment daily whenever you have an acne flare-up.

For ageing skin 

Detox Activated Charcoal Mask addresses one of the causes of premature ageing – environmental pollution. It contains charcoal and clay to draw out toxins and impurities to reveal brighter and more radiant skin. It also removes excess oil without stripping the skin’s natural barrier function. Further, it protects the skin from further damage from pollution. Use it up to three times a week after cleansing.

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