Now Spring is on it’s way it’s time we all had a little more bounce in our steps. So let’s blow off the cobwebs, put those winter warmers back into storage and get on your bike! It doesn’t matter if  you’re a urban cyclist, a lycra lady, a vintage hipster or anything in between, there are amazing health benefits for everyone.

girl cycling

Helps Keep Your Skin Young

Cycling increases your circulation delivering oxygen and nutrients to your skin more effectively and also flushes out harmful toxins. We’ve all seen that glow cyclists and runners have after  good workout. Well this type of exercise also produces great conditions for your skin to produce collagens, which help minimise wrinkles and repair damaged skin. However, don’t forget your SPF before you head out.

great skin from cycling

Great for a Healthy Mind

Cycling obviously makes you sweat but that’s not a bad thing as it’s this sweat and an increase in blood flow which gets our mood enhancing hormones going. This in turn helps us de-stress and reduces tension. Many creative types also use cycling as a way to get through a mental block and make difficult decisions as it gives you a break from the day to day work pressures.

Cycling keeps you Trim

All that cycling is going to help you knock off a few pounds. It’s a fun and sustainable way of losing weight through cardiovascular exercise. It may also be better than running for beginners who want to lose weight as it’s the saddle that’s taking the pressure not your feet.

keep fit from cycling

Environmentally Friendly

Our planet is fragile and we all need to start taking an active role in looking after it. So why not start with replacing a few of those car journeys with a bike ride. It takes about 5% of the energy and materials it takes to make a car to produce a bike and a bike produces zero fuel emissions.

Healthy Heart

The British Heart Foundation has stated that around 10,000 fatal heart attacks a year could be avoided if people kept themselves healthier. Well, what better way than cycling! If you’ve never exercised before taking up cycling can help reduce your risk of heart disease by up to 50%


Get Socialising

Cycling is a great way to spend time with your family. There is loads of information on where to go and planning routes available from the charity Sustrans. Kids will enjoy cycling and it’s a great way to encourage them to exercise. Many couples go on cycling dates as they feel it brings them closer together. It can also be a great way of meeting new friends so have a look to see if there are any cycle clubs in your local area.

With all these health benefits and so much fun to be had what are you waiting for? Dust off that bike, fill up that water bottle, put your sunscreen on and get out there.


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