If you’re like most people, you include serums in your daily skincare routine. If you have more than one skin concern – and who doesn’t – you may use more than one serum to address each one. The question many of you have is, How do I layer my serums most effectively?

Layering serums is a great way to get the most benefit out of each product. Here’s how to do it the right way.

Always apply serums at night after cleansing

To improve the absorption and effectiveness of your products, always thoroughly cleanse your skin first. Cleansing removes dirt, makeup, excess oil, and debris from the pores and opens the skin to active ingredients. If you wish, exfoliate and apply masks before applying any serums.

The benefit of applying serums at night is that it gives the active ingredients a chance to “do their magic” and work to heal and nourish the skin. Similarly, ingredients like retinol may increase your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight. However, you may include some serums, such as Reboot and Pepoxide in your daily morning skincare routine as well. For best results, apply it both times as long as your skin tolerates it. 

Apply serums in the right order

Here’s where it can get tricky if you use more than one serum. These products are formulated in varying concentrations to tackle the biggest skin concerns, from premature ageing to a dull complexion to acne and other skin issues.

Apply from lightest to heaviest.

The first approach is to apply your serums in order of lightest to heaviest formulations. That is, apply the lighter, thinner serums to the skin first. Then, apply the next heaviest serum, etc. This allows the thinner serums to soak into the skin first and the heavier serums to lock into the skin.

Apply in order of concentration

If your serums are all about the same weight or consistency, begin with the one with the highest concentration of active ingredients that address your primary skin concern. For example, if your top skin concern is premature ageing, apply an anti-ageing serum with the highest concentration of vitamin A/retinol first. That way, those active ingredients can absorb into the skin first and get to work. 

Gently massage each serum into your skin

Not only does it feel good, but it also improves circulation and allows the serum to absorb into the skin between applications. Also, allow each serum to soak into the skin before applying the next one. 

Don’t go overboard 

For healthy, balanced skin, try to limit the number of serums you use to three. Remember, the more products you put on your skin, the less chance each active ingredient has to absorb. Less is more for beautiful, glowing skin.

Follow with a moisturising barrier

Now, apply a rich moisturiser to protect the skin and increase hydration. You’ll wake up with healthy, hydrated skin. 

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