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A new break-through advanced skin treatment has been specially customised by Expert Professionals at The Medico Beauty Institute in London in the fight against sensitised skin. The LUNA Fusion™ combines two of the most effective and scientifically proven technological advances within the professional care industry to stimulate and repair damaged skin.

In the 1980’s around 30% of people perceived their skin to be sensitive. Today this is now closer to 60%, almost doubling in 30 years. However, the percentage of people with true sensitive skin will actually be considerably low. The majority of people will be suffering from what’s known as sensitised skin.

A true sensitive skin is a genetic predisposition that you are born with, where the skin over-reacts to internal (stress / emotions) and external (extreme temperatures / touch) stimuli. A sensitised skin is something we create and is the result of the following factors;

  • Poor / low-fat diet
  • UV & environment damage
  • Over-use of irritants in skin care

All of which can compromise an otherwise healthy barrier function. It’s no coincidence that since the introduction of low-fat diets in the 80’s, combined with the increase in over the counter skin care products, we are now seeing the highest rate of sensitised skin issues ever.

Treating Sensitive & Sensitised Skin

The treatment of delicate skin is often complicated by the risk of making the problem noticeably worse and exfoliation with harsh acids or scrubs should be completely avoided, because of irritation that will result in seeing red. While true sensitive skin can only be managed, sensitised skin can be successfully corrected through the use of active ingredients and treatments to repair skin barrier function.

LUNA Fusion

The LUNA Fusion™ is a high-performance, results-based personalised skin treatment that incorporates Doctor Dispensed™ CosMedix with the patented Dual T-Sonic™ Wave transdermal sonic pulsations technology of the FOREO Luna Professional Set.

Treatments utilise a combination of masks made with purified, plant-based formulations, which are free-from synthetic ingredients such as artificial fragrances, preservatives and irritants that are known to exasperate sensitive and sensitised skin. Made in the USA, CosMedix is clinically proven to restore normal skin function, repair barrier function and cause noticeable changes, with long-term increase in collagen and elastin density. Chiral Correct ingredients are skin cell receptor recognised, and the perfect accompaniment for resolving sensitised and dry skin.

LUNA Fusion – Gentle Yet Effective Ultrasonic Technology

Combined with LUNA Dual T-Sonic™ technology, a small device made from Pharmaceutical-grade silicone, fine touch-points pulsate at 8,000 times per minute for enhanced delivery of our advanced cosmeceuticals for increased cleansing capacity and nutrient absorption on a cellular level, as well as lymphatic stimulation. The LUNA™ is scientifically proven to increase circulatory blood flow by 450%!

Unlike the traditional fibrous facial brushes currently on the market, the LUNA™ range is suitable for even the most sensitive skins and is ultra hygienic, resisting the build-up of bacteria while improving the absorption of active ingredients.

The LUNA Fusion™ treatment begins with a consultation and 7-Point Skin Analysis™ with one of our certified skin experts who with tailor the treatment based on our individual skin type, skin concerns, and treatment goals, and provide a specific post-treatment home care system, known as a DermaPlan™.

The stimulating effect of the LUNA Fusion™ is gentle enough for all skin types, including Sensitive and Rosacea skins, yet is effective at treating dryness and premature ageing. Long-term improvements are measured using digital photography and analysis, to compare progress from before and after treatment.

To locate a Clinic or Medi Spa to offer a sample LUNA Fusion™ & 7 Point In Depth Skin Analysis™ OR to get additional info, please contact us at

Alternatively if you’re a skin care therapist and interested in learning the Medico Beauty Method of Advanced Skin Consultation and 7-Point Skin Analysis to integrate the LUNA Fusion™ into your advanced skin services, please contact us at

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