Pamper your skin and make it glow this autumn with a post-summer peel. Peels heal the damage caused by harmful UV rays, whether the damage is new or from years of sun exposure.

These powerful treatments go deeper than topical skincare products to resurface the skin for a more even complexion. If you’d like to treat sun damage and dark spots, peels heal the skin deep down by stimulating the production of healthy cells. A post-summer peel will also reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and scars, even out discolouration, and improve the skin’s texture. In short, a peel can make up for a myriad of skin sins you may have made over the summer.

How to prepare for your post-summer peel

Once you’ve made your appointment for an in-office peel treatment, it’s time to prepare your skin.

An important note – if you’re not sure how your skin will react to the peel, avoid scheduling it right before an event. Instead, make the appointment for a few weeks before the event for best results. 

Choose the right peel


Different types of peels target the specific issues you’d like to address. At this time of year, you may wish for a peel that addresses photo-damage and hyperpigmentation. Our favourite is the Pomegranate Peel. This peel is ideal for all skin types and focuses on environmental damage, hyperpigmentation, and all-around dull skin. Once applied, the Pomegranate Peel stimulates cellular turnover and collagen synthesis. L-Lactic Acid, fruit enzymes, and Pomegranate Seed Oil gently remove dulling surface cells and impurities. Resveratrol and Green Tea Extract get to work healing the skin below. Since L-Lactic Acid is self-neutralising, it’s much easier to tolerate than glycolic acid peels and involves less downtime afterward. Skin is smoother, brighter, and well-nourished. The result is a radiant complexion.


We also love the Blueberry Smoothie, a combination peel and scrub. This treatment also contains L-Lactic Acid to soften the skin, while jojoba beads gently buff and polish it. It removes pore-clogging debris and dead surface cells to resurface the skin. The treatment also contains antioxidants for an additional dose of healing nourishment. Blueberry Smoothie is used alone and in combination with other med-facial treatments. It’s ideal for all skin types to heal sun-damaged, uneven, and dull complexions. 

Hold off on other skin treatments

Products formulated to address premature ageing and acne may impact how well your skin handles the peel. It’s best to take a break from these products until after your treatment.

Don’t exfoliate

Since the peel will exfoliate the surface layer of your skin, there’s no need to do so in the week leading up to our appointment. This includes products you use that have an exfoliating effect.

Drink lots of water

Hydrated skin is more receptive to the benefits of the peel. Stay hydrated with lots of water in the week leading up to your appointment. 

Avoid the sun

You’ll want to do this both before and after your treatment. Before to reduce further damage and skin sensitivity. After because your skin may be more sensitive to the sun. Also, you don’t want to impede your results. Instead, wear lots of sunblock and a wide-brimmed hat.

Book your post-summer peel today!

Contact us for an appointment for your post-summer peel. We’ll find the right one to fit your complexion needs and skincare goals.

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