Charlotte Johnson - EF Medi Spa

Charlotte Johnson – EF Medi Spa

Esther Fieldgras

Esther Fieldgrass

Medico Beauty is delighted to have supplied Cosmedix, and its affiliate prescription only brand Results Rx, to our friend Esther Fieldgrass and her team at EF MEDISPA since it was founded, in 2007. EF Medi Spa now has three London centres: Kensington Church Street, Chelsea’s Kings Road and St John’s Wood. In establishing her centres, Esther’s vision was to provide a convenient and relaxing destination for women and men who wished to maintain a youthful appearance. Like us, she firmly believes that inner health promotes outer beauty. We are very proud of our affiliation with such a talented team.


How long have you been working in beauty services and using Cosmedix?

I have been using Cosmedix since I was first employed by EF MEDISPA, 6 years ago. I started off as a apprentice and have worked my way through the business, first as a receptionist, then as a therapist and now as a Treatment Co-ordinator.

facial What are your favourite things about Cosmedix?

I love that I can put a client on a holistic programme, an all round package which covers both homecare products and in-house treatments. I love the Medico Beauty Method, with it’s focus on internals (as well as external) remedies and an inside out approach. I feel that I have been trained to really identify the root cause of a person’s issue and get to the real reason that their skin isn’t behaving in a functional way. At EF MEDISPA, we have the knowledge and the ingredients to really treat their problem from every angle. Cosmedix products can be customised to meet every customer’s exact requirements and engage in a treatment process that is as involved or simple as they wish: while some might have the interest to go the full hog right away, we can also take the process in baby steps for those who want to take things slower.

Tell us about how you feel about Cosmedix treatments?

moleculesBecause the peel treatments use advanced science (only containing Chirally Corrected molecules which positively interact with skin cells), they do not cause allergic reactions or the uncomfortable downtime experienced with many other ranges. I can leave the peels on client’s skin without worrying about discomfort, antagonised sensitive skin or red raw faces.

What is your favourite Cosmedix homecare product?

Cosmedix Pure Enzymes

Cosmedix Pure Enzymes

I love Pure Enzymes, Resurfacing Mask, which can be used both at home as a mask and is also amazing when used together with professionals treatments. It will remove facial impurities, smooth blemishes and unclog pores, rendering the skin revitalized, renewed and refreshed. It’s particularly good when used as a supportive product for those having a series of in-house peels: it’s much better than any scrub or exfoliator! It gobbles up any skin cells which might be stimulated from Vitamin A derivative active ingredients.

I also love Affirm Antioxidant Serum. It has been enriched with 11 powerful Antioxidants, to reduce inflammation caused by the oxidative effect of Free Radicals. I can give this wonder serum to any client, whatever their skin type is: everyone seems to adore this product and it always makes a real difference to the skin, it’s a total all rounder.

Cosmedix Define

Cosmedix Define

Define, 2% Retinol AGP Cream contains Retinol AGP Complex which will deliver all the purified goodness of Trans Retinoic Acid (digested Vitamin A) without the over-stimulation, redness and dryness of unpurified Vitamin A (seen in so many other product lines).  Helping the direct delivery of this ingredient, right to where skin cells are created (the papillary dermis), is the AGP delivery system, which also neutralises any irritation. A unique complex of Alpha Hyrdoxy Acids (AHAs) will encourage gentle resurfacing and hydration.

What homecare products do you use?

Since starting to use Cosmedix, my skin is now in such a good place after many years of limbo. Previously, I had mild acne, caused by various issues, but particularly a poor diet. My current routine uses the Cosmedix range. First, I wash using either Purity Clean or Benefit Clean cleansers, depending on how I feel. I then apply Affirm Antioxidant Serum and Hydrate Plus SPF17 Hydrating Cream during the day. At night, I cleanse and apply Lightning Skin Brightening Serum and then Define (note that Vitamin A derivative products should always be applied at night).

Do you have any success stories when working with Cosmedix?

Oh gosh, so many that I literally don’t know where to start! Bottom line: Cosmedix & Results Rx really, really works. I have helped just so many clients with such large range of issues: from hormonal issues, pigmentation, acne, rosacea, you name it! Cosmedix & Results Rx can help treat them all.

Blueberry Smoothie on a spoon

Blueberry Smoothie on a spoon

What’s your favourite way to use Cosmedix professionally?

The great thing about Cosmedix is that you can integrate with other treatment systems, like Derma Roller, in order to create incredible rejuvenation packages. I’m also really big on using colonics and nutrition alongside skin treatments and homecare products. The Cosmedix range works beautifully with this type of approach and I always prescribe the two dietary nutritional powders, Balance Greens and Restore Colon Cleanse. At EF we have a talented Hydrotherpist, called Michelle Laud and, also, Kim Pearson is a fantastic Nutritionist.


What’s your favourite things about EF MEDISPA?

Staff at EF MEDISPA are trained to the highest level and see themselves as advanced practitioners, not just therapists. I love that we are given the full scope and trust to manage and grow with our clients. EF MEDISPA offers the best treatments and best technology available  meaning that  therapists and patients can reach any goal, from every single angle.

What are your hobbies outside of the working day?

I love to sing, I am a member of a running club and really enjoy dance classes. And, of course, like most people I love a good holiday.


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