Feel the luxury of two botanical masks that make it possible to gain the effects of a salon grade treatment at home.  This dream duo are specially activated to reach beyond the skin’s surface, smoothing rough skin, evening colour and improving the softness of your skin. We are giving all our lovely readers 15% off this duo for the Month of May, so hurry and get yours while stocks last!

Pure Enzymes & Detox Scrub

Pure Enzymes is an exfoliating mask containing cranberry enzymes and L-Lactic Acid to lightly dissolve away facial impurities and decongest blocked pores, using active ingredients to exfoliate, protect and revitalise the skin. CosMedix Purity Detox is a blend of gentle physical exfoliators combined with salicylic acid, Purity Detox Scrub remove’s excess impurities, cellular debris and residue revealing smoother, brighter-looking skin and reducing the appearance of visible pores and imperfections. Together these two products will make a perfect at home treatment, take a look at some of our do’s and dont’s of home treatments below to make your experience safe and enjoyable.

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The Do’s and Dont’s of home care treatments

  1. DO make sure the products you choose are the right products for your skin type.  recommended by your local skin expert, you can also use our online skin consultation form to get a recommendation.
  2. DONT do a treatment in the few days running up to an important event, treatments can sometimes cause a little inflammation or breakouts before your skin shows the benefits.
  3. DO consider regular facials if you want to change your skin’s health, the benefits take time.
  4. DON’T wax, thread or do laser hair removal before giving yourself a facial at home.
  5. DO get expert advice from your facialist about your home skincare routine, they will be happy to share tips with you.
  6. DONT forget to apply a good sunscreen before venturing outside after your treatment, your skin may be more sensitive than usual and sunburn is not a good look.
  7. DO change your pillowcases before you go to sleep after a treatment, you don’t want old skin cells, sweat and oil to ruin your post treatment skin.
  8. DONT use sunbeds for at least a week after using products with Vitamin A, as this could seriously damage your skin.
  9. DO call your facialist if you have a bad reaction to any products, they will be able to advise you what to do next!
  10. DONT mix products without advice, certain ingredients may not mix well together so you should only do this if recommended by a professional.
  11. DO relax and enjoy your treatment, use the time while your mask is on to meditate in a darkened room, with soft music and make this not only good for your skin but also your mind.
  12. DONT have unrealistic expectations, your acne will not clear up after one treatment, you need to have professional treatments, home care and other lifestyle changes over a period of time to see real results!

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