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We are always extremely proud when one of our accounts receives any form of press coverage in recognition for their hard work and standard of excellence achieved.

When that recognition is for a CosMedix treatment, this is of course an even prouder moment for us at Medico Beauty.

Recently Kirsty Jewson and her team at Saks Hair & Beauty in Northallerton have been featured in local press, The Northern Echo, for their advanced skin services and CosMedix metabolic peels for treating anything from acne to premature ageing.

Kirsty and the team are supporters of non-traumatic corrective peels with no downtime. “The beauty market place is crowded and it can be confusing to pick out what will really get to the root of your skin issue,” says beauty salon owner Kirsty Jewson, of Saks Northallerton. “We jump from product to product, lured in by expensive marketing campaigns, without realising that the unsupervised, uneducated application of synthetic and chemical products only makes things worse.”

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The Northern Echo reporter Jenny Needham visited Saks in Northallerton for a series of CosMedix Benefit Peels “After the first peel, my skin looked clearer; after three, I was impressed with its brightness and even skin tone, particularly on my cheeks, where dark patch of pigmentation had all but disappeared.”

Jenny then progressed to have “the mother of all peels”, a CosMedix Timeless Peel. “This highly concentrated deep peel is the best peel to dramatically reduce the visible signs of ageing,” says Kirsty. Combining a retinol complex with lactic acid, the Timeless Peel aggressively works to exfoliate dead skin and encourage healthy cellular growth and renewal.

“My laughter and forehead lines were visibly reduced, but the area I was most pleased with was the skin on my cheeks, which looked smooth and even glowing – “sloughed”, in fact, and all new and shiny underneath. It’s nice to know that the effect will last too, as the peels stimulate collagen and elastin, supercharging the skin’s renewal process.” says Jenny.

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If you live near Northallerton and want to kick-start your journey to new skin, be sure to visit Saks Hair & Beauty in Northallerton on Thursday evening, October 1st, from 4pm for an exclusive Peels Party event. Skin analysis, relevant facial appointments and expert advice are only £20 along with exclusive offers on the night.

All new clients to Saks Northallerton can book an advanced skin and lifestyle assessment and a CosMedix Med-Facial for only £20.

Saks Hair & Beauty, 84 South Parade, Northallerton DL7 8SJ. To book call Saks Northallerton on 01609-770885.

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