Do you like staying on top of the latest innovations in the skincare-sphere? Do you want to start the New Year with a fresh-faced, youthful glow? In today’s video, our Director Aysha Awwad, uncovers the top five skincare trends to keep on your radar in 2018. These products, tools, and techniques are gaining in popularity due to their effectiveness at reversing aging and promoting healthy skin all year long.


In this video, you’ll learn:

  • What are plant-based peptides and why are they important to improving the look and feel of your skin?
  • Why is it essential to use products containing collagen elastin daily?
  • What is microneedling? Is there a difference between in-home and office treatments?
  • What are the top skin care concerns of women, especially in their 20s, 30s and older?
  • What type of treatment mask really delivers effective results?
  • Why an overreliance on a regular daily moisturiser may interfere with your skin’s natural moisturising ability and cause dry skin.
  • What is LED therapy and how can it improve your skin’s appearance?
  • The top skin treatment devices, including the FOREO Luna 2 supersonic cleansing device, that allow you to pamper your skin every day.

Whether you want to repair sun damage, address recurring issues, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, or restore moisture, these tips will help you put your best face forward. Resolve to make 2018 the year of beautiful skin. Give these tips a try and you’ll soon have a clearer, smoother, and glowing complexion.

“Aysha and her team are very trustworthy and will only recommend what you actually need. They have great products and their treatments are amazing! I’ve been using them now for over 2 years and wouldn’t not consider switching to anything else.”

Margit Wettler

Learn more about the products and devices mentioned in the episode and them to your skincare routine!

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