Your body is formed of key body systems – The food we eat positively or negatively affects each one. Just like a battery + / – Your energy, performance, emotions and focus are directly dependent on the BALANCE of + vs –

Every person’s body system contains software that is the operating system with the exact instructions on how to function normally.

 – We are born with healthy software. When we eat the correct balance of nutrients we experience optimal health (10/10) because the function of the system is normal. We feel good!

– When the food we eat is the wrong type of “petrol” the energy of the system declines and we start to experience negative symptoms / bad health.

– Foods that create inflammation damage the operating system and cause mutations. Similar to a computer getting a virus. We feel bad!

Our feelings of well-being decline, we are no longer thriving, lapse into premature ageing and disease.


– You are what you eat.

– Nutrition / living foods are a powerful medicine.

– If you want to change your feelings, make little switches to better alternatives.

– A 20% shift to balance will create an 80% improvement to how you feel.


Forget BOOM & BUST

Over time those little changes become compounded and create powerful improvements that move you out of a negative rut back to


optimal health - sun potions

Meet Sun Potions

Founded by Scott Linde and his lovely fiancé Nitsa who is the creative director of the brand. The company headquarters are in Santa Barbara. Visit Instagram page to see more and find out all the details on the founders and couples story here

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What makes these products uniquely, EXTRA SPECIAL?

Sun Potions includes; a combination of certified organic herbs that are scientifically evidenced to contain all the building blocks the body needs for health including essential;

1. Phytochemicals / these are antioxidants / anti-inflammatories

2. Enzymes

3. Precursor to hormone

4. Vitamin Complex (more than one)

5. Minerals Complex (more than one)

All Sun Potions Ingredients are:

– Wildcrafted

– Certified Organic

– Use Ancient Chinese Herbology / Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) consume tonics mixed with tea / completely new concept for the West

– Based on Ayurvedic Principals / ancient Indian Medicine


How are transformational foods different to supplements?

Supplements are made from a dose of a single nutrient that can vary in strength, such as Vitamin C, a Mineral such as Calcium or Antioxidant such as CO10. The absorption of the nutrient is often very poor and the capsule passes through the stomach into the gut without being assimilated.

Tell me more about the good stuff…

Transformational foods are concentrations of multiple nutrients, from different families that are also complexes. Such as an essential component for hormone health, Vitamin B. It is absorbed into the body as various strands; B2, B6 & B12. Plants contain a vast number of phytochemicals which can’t be copied synthetically in a laboratory. Nature is a lot more sophisticated.

What types of symptoms will Sun Potions help tackle successfully?

 – Poor digestive health, feeling of discomfort after eating including heartburn and bloating.

– Brain fog and lack of energy

– Feeling out of control and exhausted

– Bad skin, dryness

– Skin diseases


Green Adaptogen 111g jar click me to see online

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Mix 2 grams (1/2 tsp.) in liquid of choice. Take first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

RRP £39.69

RRP ex VAT £33.08

What is in it?

A blend of wildcrafted plants, herbs and algae.

Features & Benefits

Certified Organic Chlorella

– Improves Cellular detoxification and healthy digestion (elimination)

– Algae draws toxins out of the blood and tissue

– Technology; Uses a sound wave to pierce the membrane of the algae molecule so more easily absorbed into the blood (through the stomach wall)

Features & Benefits

Certified Organic Maca

– Energies without causing slump (happens with caffeine and sugar)

– Strengths the immune system, avoid cold and flu

Features & Benefits

Certified Organic Suma

– Adrenal support prevents burn out

– Improve hormone balance important for men and women avoid symptoms of ageing and premature menopause. Men experience the male menopause! Suma was widely used by Russian athletes in the 1970s. Suma root also contains saponins, which help regulate blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

– Researchers have identified in Suma root almost all the amino acid, many trace minerals such as iron, magnesium, cobalt, silica and zinc, as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, and E. It contains high amounts of the trace element germanium, which is a powerful immune stimulator. Which is the reason why it helps prevent colds and flu.

Features & Benefit

Essential Nutrients; Mineral Complex found in grasses including calcium, magnesium, potassium. These counter effect the change to the blood pH that is set at 7.4. The pH is alkaline to help protect tissue and small, arteries and capillaries through which the blood is carried through from “acid” erosion

Alkaline forming foods including minerals are essential for re balancing the blood’s pH


acid alkali - sun potions

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For each portion of acid forming food, in order to rebalance the pH level, you need to eat ten portions of alkaline forming foods. Surprisingly after digesting citrus including lemon and yellow grapefruit these foods have an alkaline pH. It is possible to learn more about what foods are acid and alkaline forming by looking at this list

It shifts downwards (becomes acid) when we eat too many acid forming foods such as processed sugar, grain, meat, dairy and alcohol. If the diet is deficient in alkalizing foods the body stores acid in fat (beer belly) and robs the bones of minerals leading to diseases such as osteoporosis.

It is TOTALLY FALSE to believe the human species must receive calcium from consuming dairy. It is FAR MORE SUPERIOR to receive calcium directly from the same source where cows get theirs.


wheat grass - sun potions

Examples of grasses include; WHEAT GRASS

The emerald green colour of the juice is caused by a phytochemical called chlorella. This nutrient cleans the blood and is similar in its molecular composition to human red blood cells.

Think of your body as a fish tank and the blood is the water and the cells the fish. When the water in the fish tank becomes polluted and dirty the fish get sick. The effect of chlorella is to clean the water so the fish are healthy again.

Features & Benefits

– Everyone wakes up dehydrated. Having powder instantly hydrates and set’s body up for functioning optimally.

– Improves performance and great for anyone that exercises. On the go, great product if travelling if you find it challenging to keep up a nutritious regime abroad.

– Makes an excellent addition to Tea, Lattes, Smoothies, and raw milk potions!

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