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Treatment Summary

  • Level 2 Peel Treatment – suitable for oily skin
  • Effective treatment for acne and acne scaring
  • Stimulates cell turnover
  • Normalises sebaceous activity
  • De-congests pores
  • Anti-inflammatory, Antibacterial and Anti-Fungal
  • No discomfort, no downtime

Acne is much more than a cosmetic skin condition. For those who have suffered with acne or that have acne scars, it’s a disease that affects you physically, emotionally and mentally. However it is also still very misunderstood and many people who get acne mistreat their skin, believing that their skin is unclean or that you can exfoliate acne away with over the counter products.

Whilst some temporary improvement can be seen initially, the results don’t last and this overly aggressive approach to treating acne often aggravates the skin and compromise skin barrier function even further, making the condition return, often worse than before. The temptation is to try another over the counter form of exfoliation and the viscous cycle continues.

Because acne is a very complex condition, that involves a multitude of factors, it requires a complex treatment that address this causes of acne at various levels, including bacteria, excessive sebum, dead skin cells and inflammation. Used in conjunction with dietary and lifestyle factors to address hormonal imbalances.

The most effective treatment for acne and acne scarred skin is the Purity Peel, offering a complex blend of Chirally Correct acids, encapsulated Retinol plus anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients, to effectively treat multiple acne-causing factors, resurface the skin and help to normalize sebaceous activity and oil production.

Only by addressing multiple factors that cause acne, can you successfully address the issue and correct the problem at the root. The inflammation!

The Next Step In Your Progressive Conditioning Programme

After kick-starting your conditioning programme with the Pomegranate Peel, the Purity Peel is next natural progression for acne and acne-scarred skin. It contains 10% encapsulated Retinol AGP complex, plus a blend of Chirally Correct acids, antioxidants, plus Zinc and Turmeric for anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, the Purity Peel penetrates deep within the skin with a multitude of actives ingredients to address the multiple causes of acne, rather than singular symptoms.

The Purity Peel is suitable for all skin types and is most effective at treating acne, oily skin, enlarged pores, acne scars and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). Because this treatment is so gentle and there is no heat involved, it is also safe to use on darker skin types that would usually be higher risk of PIH.

purity peel swatch for treatment of acne and acne scars

Purity Peel VS Salicylic Acid Peels

A common treatment for acne is by using salicylic acid peels. Whilst salicylic acid is a fantastic ingredient, being an oil-soluble acid, it has the ability to dissolve blockages and penetrate deep with the pore.

However salicylic acid peels are basic formulations that are simply not sophisticated enough to successfully treat acne or acne scars. They work on the misguided principle that acne is cause by blocked pores alone and that by exfoliating the skin and de-cogging the pore, that the acne will stop.

However as we’ve already discussed, acne is a much more complex issue and therefore requires a more sophisticated approach.

The Purity Peel is a metabolic treatment that contains salicylic acid plus a complex blend of ingredients, infusing the skin with Vitamin A to help correct and normalize healthy skin function, increasing cellular turnover from the living layer and regulating the sebaceous gland to reduce oil production.

The Purity Peel addresses the buildup of dead skin, blocked pores, excess sebum, p.acne bacteria and inflammation, making it an effective and long term solution for the treatment of acne and acne scars. Most importantly, it’s a non-traumatic peel that does not aggravate or irritate the skin and is safe for all skin types, including Black and Asian skin.

What ingredients are in Purity Peel?

The Purity Peel contains 10% encapsulated Retinol AGP complex, plus a blend of Chirally Correct acids including L-Lactic Acid, L-Mandelic Acid, Pyruvic Acid and Salicylic Acid. Plus Ferulic Acid for antioxidant protection, Zinc and Turmeric for anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties,

These work together to infuse the skin with potent anti-acne ingredients and help to correct normal skin function.

turmeric for acne scars

What conditions does the Purity Peel treat?

Purity Peel is a medium depth metabolic peel treatment. It can be used to treat acne (all grades), acne scars, oily congested skin, enlarged pores and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

The amount of treatments needed will depend on the severity / grade of acne/ acne scars so it’s advisable to have as part of a series.

How often can I have this treatment?

The Purity Peel is a medium depth treatment yet very gentle on the skin; this can be given once every two weeks.

Does this treatment require any prep?

No, this is a treatment that can be performed without prep. As with all of our treatments, there is a post-peel treatment plan, however this will vary from client-to-client and will be discussed with your aesthetician.

Is there anyone who can’t have this treatment?

Purity Peel is suitable for all skin types. This treatment is not be suitable for pregnant woman or anyone currently taking Isotretinoin (or within last 6 months).

Because it contains 3% L-Mandelic Acid, which is naturally derived from Almonds, this treatment would not be suitable for anyone with a known allergy to almonds.

Interesting In Skin Peel Training?

If you’re a beauty therapy, aesthetician, nurse or doctor and based in the UK and would like to become certified in CosMedix metabolic skin peels, contact us to learn more about the Medico Beauty Institute skin peel training courses by emailing us at training@medicobeauty.com.

Want to book a Purity Peel?

You can experience the Purity Peel and other CosMedix treatments at Urban Retreat, EF Medispa, Pro Skin, Saks Hair & Beauty and other independent salons and clinics throughout the UK & Ireland. Prices can vary depending on location.

If you have any questions about this treatment or to find your nearest CosMedix salon / clinic, please contact us at order@medicobeauty.com.

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